News and Analysis (3/15/17)

Judge “Watson said the state of Hawaii showed a strong likelihood of success in its claims that the order violates the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution” …

… Speaking of travel bans, when the head of the only country to ban women drivers says Trump understands Islam, Muslims in the rest of the world take that as evidence that he doesn’t:

“America is not about any one color, or one ethnicity, or one faith. America is about self-government, the rule of law, freedom and the liberties and rights given in our Constitution” – Rep. David Young:

Asked if he supports Sharia Law, this Muslim Marine answers, “[D]o you know what Sharia law means? It’s a moral code, it tells me to be nice to you, to be a good person, that’s what Sharia law is”:

Facing both a U.S. Justice Department … investigation of the north metro county for religious discrimination [and] … the threat of civil litigation from the state’s Muslim community”:

The “exhibition ‘America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far’ showcases the history, art and traditions of Muslims, with the belief that education will beat back ignorance and hate every time”:

Opponents Catholics with disloyalty, saying “newcomers would bring with them radical political beliefs … [and] follow the secret, mystical and dangerous dictates of the leaders of their religion”:

“A federal judge has approved a settlement that puts a civilian watchdog on the NYPD panel charged with protecting Muslims from unconstitutional surveillance, court documents show”:

The court ruled prohibiting employees from wearing religious symbols at work is not direct discrimination under EU law, but some Muslim woman wear headscarves out of modesty not religious identity …

… “the question as to whether such rules impact the Muslim religion disproportionately will have to be settled by national courts”:






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