News and Analysis (3/20/17)

This is the same man who previously sued a school principal “to keep a Bible quote on a door” and now “has failed to respond to [this school’s] enquiries since issuing the [incendiary] press release:

The appointment of the extremist priest suggests that “the BJP agenda may see further divergence from the ‘maximum governance, minimum government’ mission Modi promised in 2014”:

“After the Mongols sacked Baghdad in 1258, … [t]he terms caliph and caliphate … became almost synonymous with emperor and empire”:

The workshops aim to help young Muslims know that “they are not alone….  By preparing them to respond to the questions, we help give them a voice, and that makes them feel empowered”:

Zaheer “Ali’s lecture focused on how the diffusion of Islam in African American communities reshaped public spaces and communities in the 20th century”:

One man got $1,000 compensation for the kiling of his son; another got $10,000; while third got zilch aftert 20 relatives were killed:

“While a number of people came [to hold hands in a circle around the mosque] from supportive congregations and religious groups, others were propelled by concern over national leadership and politics”:

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