News and Analysis (3/23/17)

“The impact of this move will … fall on nine airlines, including Gulf-based carriers that U.S. airlines have been asking President Trump to punish since the day after his election“:

Trying to understand the source of gender “inequality … they decided to re-read the Qur’an.” They were surprised to find “Talk about  justice, about equality between men and women”:

“NYPD’s ‘Radicalization of the West report must be removed from city websites, and it must “realize the impact of their conduct on ‘lawful political or religious activity of individuals, groups, or organizations”:

“The timing makes it seem obvious — Hollywood power players, most of whom are vehemently anti-Trump, are pushing back against what they see as his exclusionary policies”:

“I did not realise the man had cancer. I don’t want him to go to prison. He did a bad thing in anger. It hurt and frightened me, but I don’t seek any kind of revenge”:

The government claims that the only travel plan provision not already blocked by the courts “have no practical effect on how the government issues visas.” The judge has deferred a ruling until a later date:

“[M]y Tennessee born daughter was denied entry back to her country,  … for no apparent reason other than border patrol would not clear her United States passport for entry…. Is this the new Great America?”

“As of Tuesday afternoon, the Trump administration had not confirmed Gabriel’s meeting, but she later posted photos of herself at the White House on Facebook”:

“Islam gives me my strength and hope. So, really, being a Muslim girl means everything to me. I now know that there is nothing wrong with me, and that I am just as American as that white boy”:

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