News and Analysis (3/27/17)

“After witnessing the car-and-knife attack from his office window, Muddassar Ahmed launched a crowdfunding campaign” …

… Muslims will let neither the far-right nor Daesh “define the British values that we hold[,] … to misrepresent us … [or] to define us. Because we are defined by a shared value of love thy neighbour” …

… Muslim women demonstrate solidarity with the victims after Internet trolls falsely smear one visibly distraught Muslim woman at the scene of the attack as indifferent to the suffering:

This entrepreneur-philanthropist explains “35 per cent of the business in America, especially in the Silicon Valley, is from immigrants” who not only create wealth and also generate jobs for others”:

Refuting the Muslim Personal Law Board‘s support of triple-talaq, the Qur’an “sanctions divorce only after a period of reflection and attempted reconciliation, usually lasting three months”:

Modi was chief minister of Gujarat “at the time … of … one of the worst outbreaks of religious violence in independent India.” Now that he is PM, is it starting again? …

… but this time Modi’s appointment of Yogi Adityanath’s as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh puts Christians at risk as well as Muslims:

“The fledgling alliance … west, is not truly Muslim and … Shia countries are conspicuously missing from this decidedly Sunni alliance …viewed … as a move to counter growing Iranian influence”:

“For now, the Texas state attorney general’s office says it has no problems with the prayer room at Liberty High School in Frisco, as long as it’s open to any student of any faith during non-class time”:

“The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights … said a week-long campaign of U.S-led strikes … had killed at least 90 civilians, a quarter of them children, while injuring dozens”:

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