News and Analysis (3/30/17)

Rejecting the government’s request he lift or narrow the order, the judge  made it a preliminary injunction so parts of the ban “can’t be enforced until the case makes its way through the court system”; …

… “every jihadist who conducted a lethal attack inside the United States since 9/11 was a citizen or legal resident”; …

… The fiction that “the causes of terrorism are embedded in the Qur’an and hadith” is the pretext for “a grossly illiberal and violent programme … in a … long tradition of nationalism and supremacism”:

As Turkey fires “reform-minded imams” in Germany while those “loyal to Erdogan … [are] caught red-handed submitting lists of suspected Gulen supporters to Turkish authorities” …

… Germany’s “deputy finance minister, called for the training of imams, teachers of religion and counselors to be paid for with tax money”:

“[T]his is not just Muslims’ problem. Most people who rear sheep and goats are Hindus. I know so many Hindus who have come here from their villages to sell their animals and are now stuck”;

“[To] raise awareness about domestic violence, plus provide tangible aid for women and children at the YWCA’s domestic violence shelter, [t]hey said they wanted to combat hate with love and education”:

“[S]eeing how quickly and overwhelming people of all backgrounds have come together to show support has restored our faith in America and in humanity more than ever”:

“It’s time to hear from a community that’s often talked about but rarely given the chance to speak”:

It’s mainly due to but “23 percent of Muslim Americans identify themselves as converts … [including] an increasing number of whites and Latinos,” about 67% ex-Protestants and 10% ex-Catholics”:

Officer Sabet claims that instead of addressing his complaints, the department threatened “possible termination” for “dishonesty” if he denied allegations he made “discriminatory comments about Jews”:

“42 percent of Muslims with children in K–12 schools report bullying of their children because of their faith, compared with 23 percent of Jewish and 20 percent of Protestant parents”:






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