News and Analysis (4/5/17)

The U.S. appears once again to be positioning itself to ignore reports that someone (we wonder who?) has supplied the rebels with chemical weapons:

Police said the victims share in the blame because “[i]t is illegal to transport cows, but people ignore it and cow protectors are trying to stop such people from trafficking them”:

“[I]n an interview with the Breitbart website last year [Trump said that e]ven Muslim children shouldn’t be admitted … because of the possibility that they might one day become extremist”:

Seeking to discuss U.S. “founding values and freedom for Americans of all faiths,” one participant soon saw engagement is ineffective with one not committed to being “president for all Americans”:

It “appears to mark a victory by national security adviser H.R. McMaster, who [has been quoted saying] … he felt he was in a battle to the death with Mr. Bannon and others on the White House staff”:

“Unlike the Women’s Mosque of America, which hosts women’s-only Friday prayers, Qal’bu Maryam will welcome both men and women to worship. But … services will be led entirely by women”:

The Penny Appeal hopes scholars will refute the erroneous belief “that adoption is a sin … [so] more Muslims will consider applying to adopt a child who desperately needs a safe and loving home”:

[R]eligious-based discrimination and surveillance, … Trump’s backdoor Muslim ban and his resounding silence about attacks on mosques, the bullying of Muslim kids,” are unmentioned in the ad:

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