News and Analysis (4/13/17)

“Egyptian men and women rushed to mosques in Tanta to donate blood” in response to a call that came as blood “stocks at the hospitals were beginning to run out” …

… but for the Egypt’s dictator the attack means even more power:

A fellow protester “said the picture of Birmingham painted by the EDL and others as ‘the Jihadi capital of Britain’ was completely wrong. ‘Everybody lives alongside each other in complete harmony’”:

The Feds closed their investigation after the town agreed to allow the Muslims to build a smaller cemetery:

A former chief judge of the state Court of Appeals calls her “a superb jurist and an even more superb human being … a very gentile, lovely lady … [about whom] people would say only … wonderful things”:

“I practice Sharia when I live a life in keeping with the guidance of the Quran … treating everyone with dignity and respect, being honest, kind and trustworthy and being a good citizen of the land I live in”:

New Atheists need “look no further than the most recent slaughters of civilians in Yemen and Mosul for the replenishment of the already manifold reasons” behind Muslim militancy:

“President Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani said in a phone call that aggressive U.S. actions against Syria were not permissible and violated international law” …

… and now although Khamenei urged “Ahmadinejad to stand down[,] … many hard-liners in Iran seek a tough-talking candidate to rally around who can stand up to US President Trump”:






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