News and Analysis (4/22/17)

Some research suggests that Islamic schools may actually promote more free thinking among Muslim-American youth than public schools can”:

Unconvinced after two hours of oral arguments, the judge said the word ‘executive’ must mean something in “executive orders,” so the words of Mr. Trump and Mr. Miller matter”:

One founder recalls her university adviser’s dismissive comment that her decision to write her thesis on Muslim feminists was “nonsense…. Either you’re a feminist or you’re a Muslim”:

The textbook would expose sixth-graders about all major world religions except Islam:

The cleric-dominated Guardian Council “has never allowed a woman to run for president and routinely rejects political dissidents and others calling for dramatic reform”:

French Muslims don’t choose for whom to vote based on religion, but they will not vote for Islamophobes:

From Napoleon’s 1798 invasion of Egypt “until the late 20th   century, … cultural struggles between modernity and tradition … [reveal] constant and contested transformation”:

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