News and Analysis (4/28/17)

After France says their investigation “proves” Asad’s responsibility:

Tying al-Azhar to the state undermines its legitimacy. “There will be no liberalization of the religious discourse, or anything else for that matter, unless a climate of freedom prevails in society”:

Claiming “the words of the president are beyond review, and his campaign promises and divisive rhetoric can be disregarded after election day … is unsound as a matter of history, law and policy”:

Denying challenges within her Muslim “community in the course of pursuing music” the Muslim singer cites their diversity, “inclusivity and understanding.” And now Boy George is a fan:

“The home was claimed by her brothers. Under Islamic law, Shabana and her two sisters were also entitled to a share of the property, but they were not aware of it”:

The PA is using Hamas’s inability to pay the taxes the PA levies on “Israeli fuel it purchases for Gaza’s sole power plant … to pressure Hamas into new Palestinian elections”:

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