News and Analysis (5/8/17)

“Muslims who are serious about their faith and who are genuine in their commitment to liberty … can usher a reform in Islam toward ‘no compulsion in religion’ and freedom for all”:

Women in hijab on a Playboy cover and Muslim reformers in hipster beards and skinny jeans … [perpetuate] the trope of the good Muslim … [but challenge no] prejudices or preconceptions”:

“[I]t was easy to predict that Trump was not going to show up and listen to Minhaj roast him to his face. We know that Donald Trump can’t take a joke” having called for he cancellation of SNL:

“A Muslim woman who allegedly refused to stand for a Sydney judge or remove her veil in court is the first person in NSW to be charged” under an eight-month old law:

“Charissa Pomrehn, said she had prayed as a Christian to know more about her Muslim neighbors and that the dinner was like the literal answer to her prayers”:

Sources admit Barghhouti was set up; his wife believes the video a fake; and his lawyers demand to be allowed to meet with the prisoner so they can address the accusations:






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