News and Analysis (5/17/17)

Humiliated on return “from a vacation to decompress after a two-year military deployment to Kuwait … to combat the Islamic State”:

The Mesa Police Dept. will pay “thousands of dollars in public funds … [to] a disgraced former FBI agent with deep ties to anti-Muslim hate groups … for a three-day seminar”:

AIMPLB says that “[m]arriage in the Muslim community is a contract and it is open for women to insist on specific clauses … to protect their interests and dignity” …

… but allowing either party to avoid “the process of reconciliation and mediation between the couple as mandated by the Quran” imposes one school of thought:

This research study … bring[s] to light into the fact that Islamic values can reinforce American values regarding the role of women in society”:

Pakistani activists say Saudi police beat the cross-dressing “family man, with a wife, four sons and five daughters … causing his chronic heart condition to deteriorate”:

“The U.N. base there has also been targeted, prompting the deployment of extra troops to the remote town on Sunday in anticipation of further attacks”:

Gulen says “[I]ndividual rights, the separation of powers, judicial independence and press freedom” are important “and veneration of the state or any leader” is dangerous:

Asking “European representatives to help reclaim Jewish property, while totally ignoring the extensive land and property theft that Israel has inflicted upon Palestinians”:

“The scale of the purchases raises ‘a legitimate concern that Chinese authorities could be planning to DNA profile a large fraction, or even all’ of the Uighur people in Xinjiang”:






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