News and Analysis (5/20/17)

“The goal … is not tolerance, as much as it is finding ways to use and instrumentalize Islam and Muslims to fight terrorism … [but]  the focus on religion runs the risk of distracting the U.S. from the political factors that it can more readily shape” …
… but for “now, the US is only making a divided region more divided. And the people who will pay the price aren’t the billionaires in Trump’s cabinet, but the everyday Americans and Middle Easterners who just want to live their lives in peace”:
… For their part, the Saudis have invited indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir, “Bret Baier, a host on the Fox News Channel that is popular with Trump and his supporters, and American country singer Toby Keith, who is to perform for a male-only crowd in the Saudi capital”:

“[P]olling stations stayed open until midnight in parts of the country, defying concerns that moderates disillusioned by the weak economy or slow pace of change would not vote”:

“Societies that encourage people to think for themselves do so because they know truth cannot be imposed. It must be discovered and nurtured in each person’s thinking”:

With the shut-down of the last operating mosque in Munich, “interfaith assistance has already arrived, with a local church opening its doors in the midst of fear and hatred, inviting Muslims in for prayer and safety”:
They “believe that entrepreneurs can win where politicians have failed”:

“[V]ictims included civilians … [and unarmed] soldiers were returning from a military parade…. Most of them were executed.” The defense minister has been suspended and “a commission of inquiry [has] been set up to investigate the attack”:






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