News and Analysis (5/23/17)

Rouhani won “partly on promises of continued détente with the West…. But Trump made clear in a landmark speech on Sunday that comity with Iran was not on the table” …

… his “Sunday diatribe in Riyadh … utterly ignor[ed] … the fact that Saudi Arabia, not Iran, is the fountainhead of the … extremism whose ‘terrorists’ murder ‘innocent people’” …

… he “thinks he can get the Arabs and Israel to destroy the power of Iran…. That means ‘war’, preferably between Muslims. The ‘ultimate deal’, indeed”:

Trump’s “conciliatory tone aimed at pleasing his Saudi host … is crude political expediency, ripped straight from his playbook, the art of the (weapons and oil) deal”:

“May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next” …

… “While some online seek to exploit killings to spread fear and prejudice, people directly affected by massacre share experience of Muslims’ support and generosity”:

“You are a thug and a racist to boot. It is time you learnt that your vile conduct and abhorrent views are a thing of the past” — Judge Francis Sheridan:

“The [drunken] woman’s distressed son can be seen repeatedly putting his hands over her mouth in an attempt to stop her ranting”:






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