News and Analysis (5/26/17)

To succeed at reform in his second term Rouhani must apply the “win-win approach he has defined for foreign policy … [to] domestic issues”:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the administration would appeal to the Supreme Court” …

… after a “US appeal court’s chief judge states revised ban ‘drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination'”:

“[S]everal residents of the Mosul neighborhood told The Associated Press on Friday there were no IS fighters or explosives inside the house struck by the US bomb”:

Olivier Roy argues that the “home-grown” Muslim terrorist have more in common with American mass school-shooters than with previous generations of Muslim warriors:

“Time and again Karak’s residents have chosen to rally … [together] in the face of forces that sought to turn Muslims and Christians against each other”:

Prohibiting bullying anyone over religion would be better wording, but the plaintiffs’ assertion that Islamophobia is “a problem that does not exist” seems Islamophobic:

Abe Lincoln admired Emir Abdelkader, “a Muslim, Sufi, sheikh, humanist, protector of his people against Western barbarism, protector of Christians against Muslim barbarism”:

“She attempted to appeal the grade, but college policy requires an instructor’s signature on the form. [Her instructor] twice refused, according to the law suit”:

Security forces bungled a raid, provoking chaos in which gunmen seized “bridges, roads and buildings and [took] Christians hostage. Duterte responded [with] martial law”:

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