News and Analysis (5/29/17)

“The two men who were killed appear to have stepped in to protect the women from racial slurs”; …

… “More than 2,000 people attended the candlelit vigil at the Hollywood Transit Centre, where the attack took place, on Saturday evening” …

… while “more than 5,000 young British Muslims raised millions” for British Charities under the slogan “Love for all, hatred for none”:

After his predecessor “was killed by an American drone in 2015,” the new insurgency leader monitors sermons closely and murders those who depart from the Taliban’s hard line:

“The Pentagon has admitted to killing 220 civilians in Iraq and Syria since mid-2014, yet independent monitoring groups … say the number could be closer to 3,000”:
This is just one of several recent cases “where local officials have allegedly used zoning laws to keep Muslims from building community centers or houses of worship”:

Denying female agency: Some fathers force their daughters to marry while others forcibly break up their daughters’ marriages:

“An official of a top clerical body said although the group might trigger a culture clash in a conservative area, he did not feel it broke with Islamic values”:

Gulf state leaders relate to Trump’s “personality, his black-and-white outlook on life and … they were relieved he didn’t push them to change how they run their countries”:

“80 percent of the [prisoners’] demands” have been met according to Issa Qaraqe, director of the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Commission:

“More than 90 percent of the land is owned by the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Landowners are not allowed to engage in transactions with non-Jewish citizens”:






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