News and Analysis (6/1/17)

“No American has been killed in a terrorist attack in decades, if ever, by immigrants from the six Muslim countries named in the ban”:

“Isis had damaged the monastery’s dome, smashed the windows and removed a cross”:

ISIS and Western Mainstream media alike ignore the Covenants that “demonstrate incontrovertibly that the … notion of indiscriminate jihad amounts to heresy”:

Survey “finds Muslims – firm of faith, professing themselves to be irreversibly British – who won’t swallow morality from the long spoon of the state”:

“Western Muslim converts … are often aware of both the strengths of Islam … as well as the problems in the Muslim community and the stereotypes associated with the faith”:

“News of the federal probe came on the same day that another New Jersey municipality … agreed to pay $3.25m to resolve allegations … that the town illegally rejected [mosque] plans”:

Marking Ramadan with “the slaughter of innocents rather than prayer or meditation sets ISIS apart from … one billion Muslims … [engaged in] soul-searching and abstinence”:

“The idea that Muslim women lack agency is hard to reconcile with this vibrant new network of intellectual women. They … use Islamic teachings to challenge patriarchal practices”:

“There has been no claim of responsibility but Afghanistan’s National Directorate for Security blamed the Haqqani network…. The Taliban have denied involvement …

… while in the Philipines, “[a]n air strike … has killed 11 government troops … when one of two planes bombing rebel positions missed its target”:






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