News and Analysis (6/4/17)

Why do terrorist attacks against white people get twenty times the coverage (and a hundred times the sympathy) of terrorist attacks against brown (and black) people?

Unlikely to extradite the “outspoken critic of the increasingly authoritarian Turkish government [and] supporter of Fethullah Gulen” the Turks have arrested his father instead:

“When he appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Tuesday [Christian] yelled: ‘Leave this country if you hate our freedom – death to antifa [anti-fascism]’”:

Women have log been victims of Islamophobia; now even children are targeted:

Warned that “mosques are full of people plotting the downfall of America and the enslavement of women,” she found them “full of fasting, exhausted, repentant, do-gooders”:

Does General Mattis “not realise that Iran is the sworn enemy of Isis? Nope? Well, there’s the ‘Mad Dog’ for you”:

“The truth is that Nasser and the other Arab leaders had absolutely no intention of invading Israel in June 1967[, a]nd Israel’s existence was never in the slightest doubt”:






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