News and Analysis (6/7/17)

DoE says it is Constitutional for “any public school student” to pray voluntarily “with fellow students during the school day on the same terms that they they may engage in other … speech”:

ISIS claims responsibility for both attacks:

The series “Black Crows” seems to take aim not only at ISIS’s violence, but the intolerant interpretation of Islam that underlies it …

… while Gulf States embracing that interpretation and warming up to Israel gang up on Qatar for respecting elected governments in Palestine and Iran …

… while Trump tries to have it both ways praising the crackdown and calling for unity at the same time:

In England the body counts, the arrests, and the threats to human rights continue to mount …

… but so do the reports of heroism and human kindness:

“Appalled residents have reached out to support the Thornaby mosque … after ‘Muslim cowards’ was sprayed in large letters on the side if their building”:

That May rebuked Trump, albeit mildly, “for lying about Khan” reflects that she wants neither to cave in to “reviled” Trump nor to fail to support “popular” Khan:

When an Iranian actor called her a “moron” for saying, “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the UK if Muslims didn’t live there,” she proved him right by calling him “an Indian”:






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