News and Analysis (6/11/17)

As Trump repeats Saudi lies that Qatar funds terrorism, the Saudis and other Gulf states ignore Tillerson’s pleas to dial back the crisis …

… and Kuwait seeks to mediate …

… analyst Abdullah Al-Arian opines that the battle has “little to do with fighting ‘terrorism’ and everything to do with barring all forms of dissent” …

… making for what Prof. Edward Moad calls:

For the Outreach Director of the Falls Church mosque, the senior imam’s unIslamic assertion that FGM is “a way to avoid “hyper-sexuality” was the last straw:

“Both gatherings were peaceful until anti-sharia protesters, a few of whom wore camouflage and helmets, exited the Capitol and exchanged angry words with the counterprotesters” …

… “What the anti-Shariah law protesters didn’t understand about Islam … [is] that Muslims aren’t ‘allowed to govern other people by our religion’” …

… and protesters responding to the hate group’s call found themselves outnumbered 10-1 by counter-demonstrators some of whom carried a “Fascists out of NYC” banner:

“Opposition parties have alleged the crackdown in the name of religion is mainly aimed at silencing political dissent and … [calls] for accountability of the country’s powerful military”:

“[I]t’s only in the last 70 years that Islamic terrorism emerged as a problem … leaving some 1400 years of religious tolerance that usually outdid Christianity”:

“The Muslim lady holding her hand and supporting her for 20 minutes till the ambulance … arrive[d] … is the real Islam, the media won’t show the real Muslims only shows fake ones”:






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