News and Analysis (6/23/09)

As Ahmadinejad is officially declared the winner with the Guardian Council reporting no “major” irregularities in the election …

… Iranian authorities place the full blame of any violence on the “hooligans and rioters” protesting the election…

… Yet the government is unlikely to succeed in censorship of the Internet:

Accusing him of spying for US forces, al-Qaeda tortured Janko and put him in a Taliban prison until he ended up in the hands of US forces who held him as a terrorist with weak logic that “defies common sense”:

Ignoring the legitimacy of Hamas’ election by popular vote, Fayyad’s plan calls for a unification of Palestinian governments under the PA…

…Additionally, Hamas points to political prisoners as a sign of PA inflexibility in reconciliation talks:

Faulting the “burka” as a “problem of liberty and women’s dignity”, the “Sun president” positions himself to dictate what women may wear:

Kyrgyz officials retract their eviction of US forces striking a deal allowing for the transport of non-lethal military supplies to Afghanistan:


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