News and Analysis (7/7/17)

Although the government already yielded on allowing fiancés into the country as bona fide relations, the judge is leaving the question of grandparents to the Supreme Court:

The flaw in the strategy of designating Muslim archbishops to draw into the establishment is Islam abhors hierarchy, “and insists that all human beings have equal access to God”:

Egyptian police are deporting Uighur Muslims back to China where, human rights groups say, they face “persecution and torture”:

The 142 page report on the torment and death of Raheel Siddiqui is so explosive that “the last the last 43 pages were entirely blacked out”:

is not letting Islamophobes or terrorists hijack it’s meaning” — Omar Suleiman

Amnesty International suspects Turkey has criminalized peaceful assembly and “expression under the state of emergency imposed after an attempted coup in July 2016”:

The falsehood of Israel’s pretense that it seeks funds to reimburse victims of Palestinian militants is shown by its demolition of homes, often the heirs’ only significant assets:

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