News and Analysis (7/29/17)

Muslims are combining Islamic values of entrepreneurship, charity, education, and piety to resurrect a Detroit neighborhood:

In what was supposed to be an apology the hateful woman again insulted the Muslims by accusing them of insulting Jesus, a sin in Islam that reveres Jesus as the Messiah and a prophet of God:

Obeying the Prophet’s (pbuh) command to “stop oppression,” the young Muslim called police on the drunken bullies and chased down and caught one who fled the scene:

Israeli police announced the ban after forcibly removing potential protesters against their surveillance policies from the mosque:

“[M]any fighters, worn down from broken promises and an increasingly sectarian fight may be ready to accept the offer … [of] security and peace” but others “would rather die as martyrs than live as policemen”:

“Sharif’s ouster will be seen as a major victory for [opposition] leader Imran Khan, a cricketer-turned-politician who led street protests to demand an investigation into Sharif”

“[S]he fell in love with her husband … after marrying him at the age of 19,” but the Great British Bake Off winner thinks her three children would do a better job than she at finding their spouses:






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