News and Analysis (6/27-28/09)

While Ahmadinejad continues to reject criticism of the election results…

… Protesters are quickly realizing how much they may have to sacrifice to continue to disputing the results …

… and “Iran detained eight or nine local embassy staff for playing a ‘significant role’ in the unrest”

With the election security and logistics already set to cost an estimated $220 million,

Foreign investment could quadruple production, but critics ask, “Why can’t we re-create” the indigenous oil industry?

As the West continues it militance in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is Turkey a new recruiting grown for al Qaeda?

Mr. Nawi can be seen as “the Robin Hood of the South Hebron hills, an Israeli Jew helping poor locals who love him, and thwarting settlers and soldiers who view him with contempt”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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