News and Analysis (8/1/17)

“[P]recisely because boycotts are such a powerful form of expression, governments have long sought to interfere with them — from King George III to the police in Alabama, and now to the U.S. Congress”:

“[W]ith some rare exceptions carried out by rogue actors, Gaza has honored its side of the [2014 ceasefire agreement]. This has not been the case with the Israelis”:

Although biased towards Israel, the report notes illegal construction, settler violence, threat to the status quo on the Haram Al Sharif/Temple Mount, and aggressive IDF tactics:

Far from being a drain on the economy, Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, Iranian, Lebanese and Israeli immigrants all have above average real median household income:

Two respondents to the poll dispute the campaign’s claim that the poll was neutral regarding Asima Azam’s religion:

KPFA offered Dawkins the opportunity to discuss his views on Islam on the air in “a forum where his assertions can be engaged and challenged, but … [h]e has not yet responded”:

The government will provide water and bathroom privileges for refugees as ordered by the court:

“Ironically, by putting these two groups in the crosshairs, it seems President Donald Trump has brought them together”:






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