News and Analysis (8/4/17)

Instead of trying to intimidate a potential aggressor, strike up a friendly conversation with the target:

“We could have closed our eyes and we would have thought it was LDS people speaking on that panel”:

Discrimination is “not applied evenly. We know sociologically that women experience more discrimination than men”:

“The video for the song titled ‘Dog’ targets Muslim men who act piously by day, but behave like animals towards women once they get behind their computer screens at night”:

Human “rights groups say the unrest is more a reaction to repressive policies, and argue that the new measures may end up pushing some Uighurs into extremism”:

The executive producer says they are introducing a Muslim character in order “to bring in someone who has a totally new perspective on history”:

“52 percent of U.S. Muslims said homosexuality should be accepted by society — an increase of 25 percentage since 2007. Comparatively, only 34 percent of white evangelical Protestants”:

Government approved muftis set up shop in the Metro stations; extremists, freethinkers, and Christians not welcome:

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