News and Analysis (8/9/17)

The White House denies there has ever “been a serious attack …. or … plot … unconnected from ISIS or al Qaeda,” and explains Trump’s lack of sympathy as suspicion the mosque bombing was a false flag operation:

Hate crimes against Muslims have almost doubled nationally and more than doubled in New York City:

“The debate over foster care and adoption is critical in Islam, a religion whose prophet, Muhammad, was an orphan and an adopted son himself”:

As U.S. and Middle East officials and agencies increase coordination, U.S. counter-terrorism policies increasingly resemble those of authoritarian Middle Eastern regimes:

Peddle your lies outside of official administrative hearings. Prohibiting irrelevant issues is about defending freedom of religion, not abridging freedom of speech:

“Sieting said he really does see how, as a public official whose posts went national, he empowered the real, hardcore, immovable haters to sharpen their terrible claws on innocents”:

An airlines should have the right to set any dress code they wish, but reserving the right to “remove passengers from the flight at any point” seems unreasonable if it includes mid-air:

The defendant pleads that “film-making, proof-reading and cooking” are not criminal offenses:

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