News and Analysis (8/11/17)

Torture included sleep deprivation, slamming them into walls, stuffing them into coffin-like boxes, exposing them to extreme temperatures, [starvation], … water torture, and chaining them in [painful] positions”:

The bill “calls for jailing police chiefs, sheriffs and possibly frontline officers who fail to cooperate with U.S. immigration officials”:

The appellant charges the Kerala High Court’s marriage annulment insults the “independence of women in the country”:

“What’s Islamic about drinking alcohol, [abusing] drugs and” extramarital sex?

“It is rare for a labor union to be found in violation of federal civil rights laws, but “[t]he Teamsters readily accepted the expensive dues and, in turn, provided zero services to these Muslim employees”:

Nationalists and Muslims protested a 100-ft-tall statue of a former foreign Han Dynasty general who is worshiped by some Chinese:

The settlement with an African American Muslim concludes a lawsuit that “prompted the Long Beach Police Department to reverse its policy barring inmates from wearing religious head coverings”:

“Sheikh al-Radhi has openly slammed the Saudi regime over the execution of prominent Islamic scholar Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, the war on Yemen as well as the Takfiri ideology”:

If you don’t want your children’s lips to touch a cup that has touched lips that eat pork, give them their own cups top take to school:






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