News and Analysis (8/17/17)

Do you think that anyone who makes fun of Islam in front of Muslims dies on the spot? That’s not the experience of these R-rated American-Muslim comedians …

… on the other hand when fascists who maliciously publish fabricated falsehoods accusing Muslim comedians of masterminding terrorism, they can expect to get slapped with a lawsuit:

Ensuring “that inmates have access to religious services, education and training … [would advance] institutional goals of running an orderly prison and rehabilitating prisoners”:

The “main obstacle” to Middle East peace is the “obsolete ideology” of an “ethnic Jewish state that forever has a Jewish majority by all means possible and provides privileges and exclusivity for the Jewish people”:

Despite support of his aims, the Uluma called Dutarte “to find other ways to purge out of Marawi the extremists rather than the aerial bombings which have caused is continuously causing damage to lives and property”:

How can a modest observant Muslim woman meet the right “Mr. Right” in today’s world? How about skateboarding?

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