News and Analysis (8/23/17)

Trump’s capitulation to the Neocon agenda threatens the alliance with Pakistan without offering any meaningful hope for the Afghani people besieged by Taliban warriors and oppressed by a corrupt government:

In cancelling the divisive demonstrations ACT cited the “divisive climate” which it has itself fostered:

“[W]riting for hateful websites, denying the existence of Islamophobia and calling for the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of a minority community is contrary to everything the [CRRF] stands for”:

“With a few American flags for your house, a CD tutorial on sounding more white, and so much more, this kit ensures that people suspicious of Muslims will know you’re ‘one of the good ones!'”

The court rules that the knife attack by the white man shouting, “Where are all the Muslims? I am going to kill all the Muslims” was not terrorism, but paranoid schizophrenia:

Now that the practice that violates the Qur’an (4:35) is banned by civil law as well, a number of Muslim organizations concede that “triple-talaq”was unIslamic …

… because the “three-stage talaq prescribed by the Shariah that involved counselling, mediation, and the time and space for possible reunion between estranged couples” …

… but that practice was just the tip of an iceberg of cultural practices that violate Islamic norms of justice, including outrageous fatwas that force rape victims to divorce actual husbands to marry their rapists:

The woman’s father says that the video gives a false impression in showing that his adult daughter forced into his home by court order “continues to live as a Muslim and she was under tremendous pressure”:

“[T]he arrival of Qatari pilgrims in Saudi Arabia … appears to have exacerbated the tension, with Qatar accusing Saudi Arabia of deliberately making it difficult for its pilgrims to obtain permits to go to Mecca”:

“The Moro Islamic Liberation Front has repeatedly warned that, if the peace process collapses, it will lose many of its younger members to IS-aligned groups”:

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