New and Analysis (8/29/17)

The most religious Muslims by conventional standards (42% pray five times a day and 65% say religion is very important in their life) agree “that there is room for multiple interpretations of the teachings of Islam”:

“[I]t’s important to separate cultural practices from religious teachings” and to remember that the Prophet’s life included women in business and on the battlefield:

“While ‘Project Runway’ contestants tend toward outrageous, revealing designs, Ife’s fashion niche is she creates modest-but-chic clothing, not exposing a lot of skin”:

“More than 100 members of Muslim Youth USA, and 40 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, passed out food, water, and other supplies in Houston“:

Fed up with racists misappropriating his creation, the creator of Pepe uses his copyright to force a former Texas school administrator to turnover the profits of Islamophobic book to CAIR:

It is difficult to assign blame “because the government denies most journalists access to the area,” suggesting it is the government that has something to hide:

“What universe does that come from?” asks 9th Circuit Judge Ronald Gould of the government’s claim “that a grandmother of a child in the United States does not count as a close relationship”:

“[Y]oung British Muslims meet … a band of older people, who cling to the old ways, and try to resist, by any means necessary, any attempt to breathe new life into the religion and make it relevant to the times”:

“There is no indication that Washington has presented such information to back up its call for inspections of Iranian military sites”:

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