News and Analysis (9/2/17)

In the Houston area, Muslims share the sacrificial meat with the poor and those displaced by the floods …

… “Muslims are just like any other type of person. They’re caring, loving, giving people. I feel very fortunate that they were open and willing to come and have this space” — a flood victim sheltered at a Muslim gym:

The government must inform “all individuals … turned away at borders as a result of the president’s first executive order … that they may seek re-entry … [and must] act in ‘good faith’ when processing their paperwork”:

The reporter stands by his story even as the mayor reports the child is in a “happy position” and that allegations that she was “stopped from eating bacon or having a crucifix necklace removed were … “not based in fact” …

… in what was really a custody dispute between a non-practicing Muslim  grandmother and an alcoholic mother “of Christian heritage” and far more “Muslim children being placed in white British Christian families”:

The government blames the rebels, but “Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh say a campaign of arson and killings by the Myanmar army is aimed at trying to force them out”:

The three teenagers “say they want to prove that they can be observant Muslims while also playing loud music and being independent”:

Hezbollah wants the international community to save from harm “old people, casualties and pregnant women in the buses” with the some 300 IS fighters who surrendered their enclave on the Syrian-Lebanese border:






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