News and Analysis (7/1/09)

US strategy in Afghanistan will focus on three underlining objectives, “security; economic development and reconstruction; and governance by the Afghans under the rule of law”:

With the help of his powerful allies, Ahmadinejad continues to crack down on the opposition:

Although the Pakistani government has a strong support from its citizens, “large majorities opposed all aspects of the U.S.-led war in neighboring Afghanistan”:

As Israel’s blockade slowly suffocates the Palestinian fishing industry, which once employed up to 45,000 and brought  in $10 million annually …

… Hamas is dismayed by the “international indifference” towards Israeli piracy:

“One thing remains clear, Palestinians will refuse to go down in history as those Muslims and those Arabs who sold out on Jerusalem…. [T]he conclusion is: no deal is better than a bad deal”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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