News and Analysis (9/11/17)

“The top Buddhist leader is the latest Nobel peace laureate to speak out against the violence, which … may have killed more than 1,000 people, most of them Rohingya” …

… but the one Nobel peace laureate in a position to do something about it remains silent:

A depiction of a lion symbolizing the Western-led coalition driving a dog wrapped in the Muslim declaration of the faith provides a recruiting tool for the terrorists:

“The statement of LBA is false and concocted, an effort to suppress and threaten the rights of individual… I appeal not to let hatred and fear to win over love and compassion” — the bride:

Some women “termed triple talaq as a ‘right’ that should not be taken away from them simply because some ‘uneducated women’ had moved the apex court against it” …

… but “the board had always felt that instant triple talaq was a sin, even though admissible in [all four] schools of Sunni law”:

“Police fired rubber bullets to break up a mob which stoned the home of a Muslim butcher in central Myanmar”:






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