News and Analysis (9/14/17)

“The justices have agreed to an administration request to block a lower court ruling that would have eased the refugee ban and allowed up to 24,000 refugees to enter the country before the end of October”:

“During Aung San Suu Kyi’s years of house arrest, her fight for democracy was sustained by independent media. Now in power, her administration is accused of clamping down on the press in favor of official outlets”:

Iran’s deputy parliament speaker criticized both the Riyadh-based OIC and his own government for not taking action to defend the Muslim Rohingya:

For teaching Islam and Qur’an to about 100 people on each web site he was sentenced to two years in prison:

“At least 286 of Algeria’s roughly 2,000 Ahmadis have been … handed jail terms … [or] fines. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by law, but, expecting certain rejection,” they never applied for licenses:

“The expected offensive to dislodge ISIS from Hawija … has reportedly been complicated by Baghdad-Erbil mistrust over the fate of Kirkuk and its oil resources, as a Kurdish independence referendum looms Sept. 25”:

Because Iran has remained true to the agreement, American sanctions at this point would constitute a violation:






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