News and Analysis (9/17/17)

Nor only is “banking while Arab” a crime, but so is being the wife or daughter of an Arab trying to make a deposit:

“Protests are banned in Saudi Arabia, as are political parties. Unions are illegal, the press is controlled and criticism of the royal family can lead to prison”:

“One part of the French left believes that the state should offer protection from religion, and the other, protection of religion”:

35 years ago the PLO gave in to Israeli demands they evacuate Lebanon only to see Israel seal off Sabra and Shatila for Maronite militias to slaughter the civilian population the West had promised to protect …

… and now they will demolish communities in a “forcible transfer of protected persons, a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention” …

… and minorities in American cities feel like they are under occupation is that the police are being trained by an occupation army:

A reckless press has harmed a child, its mother, and a family that reached out to help the child in its time of need, and forced social workers to disclose details that should have remained confidential:

EU law that guarantees freedom of worship, exempts Muslims and Jews from having to stun animals as part of ritual slaughter, yet “Muslims in Belgium were unable to do so this year”:

Suu Kyi has never been sympathetic to the Rohingya and has no political incentive to change …

… and Bangladeshi police will not allow them to leave “their allocated homes, not even to live with family or friends” and urge drivers against carrying refugees, or landlords renting to them:

“[T]he two sides planned to meet face-to-face but gave no date”:






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