News and Analysis (9/23/17)

“[R]eligious differences are not the only reason Rohingya are being forced out.” Myanmar will seize 3 million acres in Rakhine state paying the owners little or no compensation …

… as the crisis grows to unbearable proportions …

… so does the hypocrisy:

A nationals security analyst notes  that “Reagan kept the US adhering to the arms deals even though the Soviets went into Afghanistan;” but them Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan:

“White House chief of staff … Kelly prohibited Gorka from speaking in a public setting” and after the tirade “told Gorka his security clearance had been revoked“:

Only 15% of respondents named freedom of religion as protected by the 1st Amendment and 37% “were unable to name any of the rights guaranteed” there-under:

It technically applies to “surgical masks, fancy dress and balaclavas worn in certain circumstances. But the intention of the legislation is to ban Islamic headdresses”:

“[C]ontemporary Muslim conservatives … focus exclusively on a decontextualized phrase ‘you approach men with desire instead of women’ to condemn gay and bisexual Muslims”:

Like the protagonist, the filmmaker “was a huge Jackson fan in his teens and then became Salafi during his university years, before moving away from the movement”:

“In 2016, another past winner … was given a 14-month suspended prison sentence for insulting President Erdogan with a satirical poem she shared on social media”:






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