News and Analysis (9/29/17)

Iran’s FM also called for negotiations for release of American detained in Iran in exchange for Iranians “in prison for technical violations of sanctions that no longer apply today”:

A narrowed “interpretation of the Islamic religion and identity … marginalizes religious minorities, and fails to take account of” Malay Muslims diversity:

Rather than protecting Islam, states policing religion “are only enfeebling their societies, raising hypocrites and causing many people to lose their faith in or respect for Islam”:

Saudi rights activist Sahar Nasief is “optimistic about the future” …

… thanks to a meaningful symbolic step towards ending “a tribal tradition in which male relatives control many of the activities of women”:

“In this debate on whether Muslim women need saving, the voices that are most often ignored are the ones that are most important — those of Muslim women”:

“Barzani has said the vote is not binding, but meant to provide a mandate for negotiations … over the peaceful secession of the region from Iraq:

“The total number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is believed to be well over 700,000 people” …

… “The complexity of ethnic and religious relations in Burma is obviously a factor…, but their exasperation is due to causes that have nothing ‘spiritual’ about them”:

“At last year’s gathering, 10 lawmakers spoke to this hate group, including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rep. Peter King of Iowa…. [T]hey expect 10 more congressmen this year”:






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