News and Analysis (10/2/17)

Whether or not he acted on behalf of ISIS, Stephen Paddock’s crime only adds to the statistics of that white American males are the main terrorist threat in the U.S.:

In England officials are open-minded as to whether the stabbing of a 15-year old was racially or religiously motivated:

The story of Singapore’s new president “is a breakthrough for both Muslims and women, two minority populations. Yacob is Singapore’s first ethnic Malay president in nearly fifty years”:

After “China and Russia supported [Myanmar’s] government while the United States, Britain, and France demanded an end to ‘ethnic cleansing’ of its Rohingya Muslim minority” …

… Bangladesh reports “a ‘working group’ to plan the repatriation of more than half a million Rohingya Muslim refugees who have fled to Bangladesh”:

Muslim Ban 3.0 violates the Supreme Court’s June 26 order by barring even those with a bona fide relationship,” and further “is being weaponized in odd but predictable ways”:

“Polls suggest that Hamas would win in both Gaza and the West Bank. Nonetheless, the move is being hailed by PA officials as a victory for Abbas”:

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