News and Analysis (10/5/17)

41 states give official preference to Christianity, 30 to Islam, six to Buddhism, and one to Judaism, Ten are “are hostile to religious institutions of all faiths”:

“Antepli’s is the eighth Muslim prayer offered in the House since 2001, and the first in three years”:

“[T]he Times … appeared to give supremacy to a white Christian girl over a backward Muslim family, and … [ignored] more than 1,500 young Muslim children … [put into] non-Muslim homes”:

A study suggests that whether a perpetrator is a Muslim is a factor in whether people perceive violence as an act of terrorism:

“Mahmood said he now feels uncomfortable about leaving his family at home alone when he goes out to work”:

“Armed with a tiny bit of capital and lots of courage, businessmen are slowly returning to the decimated town [that had been] home to Iraq’s largest Christian community”:

“Once the surrounding area falls, IS will be left controlling only a stretch of land along the border with Syria”:

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