News and Analysis (10/8/17)

Turkey’s arrest of U.S. consulate employee for alleged links to Gulen was “condemned by Washington as baseless and damaging to ties between the NATO allies”:

“The words ‘sand n—–‘ are painted across a photo of [Zainab] Baloch’s face”:

Turkey claims “its focus has moved from ousting [Asad] to securing its own border” but eye-witnesses blame the incident on a “Turkish bulldozer removing sections of a border wall”:

“[A]nti-Islamic propaganda posted by the ‘Heart of Texas’ actually originated in … a so-called ‘troll factory’ called the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg”:

Iran warns U.S. against “designating its Revolutionary Guards Corp as a terrorist group and said U.S. regional military bases would be at risk if further sanctions were passed”:

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