News and Analysis (10/11/17)

The war in Yemen strengthens Al-Qaeda’s deadliest branch, “yet there’s never been a public debate over the American role in deepening that threat to our own national security”:

“[A]s a Muslim[, y]ou commit your life to being a force for good, particularly in [places] that have struggled because of historical injustices, because of profound disparities”:

There is no “First Amendment” in Malaysia where the “sedition law prohibits discourse that sparks hostility towards other races, the rulers or the government”:

“[T]here’s a ‘rift’ on generational lines. Young Jews see a ‘gaping exception’ to the Jewish values of standing with the marginalized: the treatment of Palestinians”:

Rather than opposing forced marriage, the aim is to deprive women under fifteen of the right to decide whether to marry or not:






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