News and Analysis (10/14/17)

“The UK, France and Germany responded that the pact was ‘in our shared national security interest’…. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the US was ‘more isolated than ever’” …

“Trump decides to ‘decertify,’ but not scuttle, the … deal…. There are some issues that unite [Trump’s] advisers, and one is not blowing up the Iran deal altogether” …

… and “readings of shifts in Iranian society suggest Americans should support the nuclear pact even as the United States and its allies keep Iran in check on other issues”:

With only 65 yearly visitors to the U.S. from North Korea and with Venezuelans not in government exempt from the ban, including those countries “doesn’t even qualify as a fig leaf”:

“Christians know that their tradition is internally diverse. There’s a lot of diversity within any religion, but that’s also true within Islam”:

“Angered by the Paris terror attacks in 2015, a former US Marine fired dozens of shots at a mosque near his … home. Filled with regret, he tried to make amends”:

“[T]hese clothes weren’t plundered; they’re typical Viking-age clothing that shows the influence of [Islam] on these wide-ranging travelers”:

UNESCO promotes girl’s education, understanding “the Holocaust’s horrors, and [defends] media freedom” but the US & Israel won’t forgive it for defending Palestinian’s rights:

“The greatest threat to [freedom comes not] from immigrants and refugees but from” exploiting fear of them to “chip away at the values and institutions that make our societies liberal”:

There is a “kernel of untruth demanded, of selfhood corroded, that is the burden of passing” as non-Muslim that weighs  upon those who feel the necessity:

This “version of Romeo and Juliet was easy to politicize … [by] those who consider themselves to be the self-appointed guardians of culture and society”:






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