News and Analysis (10/17/17)

He wasn’t Muslim, black, an immigrant, and “was not groomed by the FBI,” so old Michael Christopher Estes “narrowly foiled terror plot” got little media attention:

Corker proposes replacing presidential certification of compliance with “re-triggered” sanctions ‘should Iran be assessed within one year of a nuclear weapons ‘breakout’:

“There isn’t any reason in my opinion to decertify it, except for narrow political advantage, or if you really want to have a war…. [T]his just seems like we’re reading Kafka”:

“Non-Muslim prisoners have been instructed to physically assault Muslim prisoners”, and once a guard unwittingly instructed “another Muslim to commit the assault”

A 24-year-old is imprisoned incommunicado in her parents house under a court order while the court decides whether or not she has a right to choose her religion or whom to marry:

Despite allegations of anti-Muslim discrimination the drill instructor “was still in charge of Siddiqui’s training. [He]  and a battalion commander face courts martial“:

“An already disturbing case about a 17-year-old Muslim girl killed as she walked to her mosque took another unsettling turn after an indictment alleged the victim was raped as well”:

In Syria, the SDF “alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias … fighting Islamic State inside Raqqa since June … said it would capture the last Islamic State areas in the city within hours” …

… while in Iraq, “Kurds consider [Kirkuk] the heart of their homeland[,] … cleansed of Kurds and settled with Arabs under Saddam to secure control of the oil that was the source of Iraq’s wealth”:

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