News and Analysis (10/20/17)

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Hawaii ruled it “plainly discriminates based on nationality,” and on Wednesday one “in Maryland … issued a second halt to portions of the ban”:

After what Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boyla called “four years of “illegal imprisonment,” the Muslim Irish citizen is finally released a month after acquittal on all charges:

As 47 Christian refugees from Indonesia face deportation “in keeping with Trump’s campaign promise to deport millions of illegal immigrants”…

… the administration is reported to ponder placing even more obstacles in the way of women and children seeking refuge:

Researchers report that black or Muslim prisoners are twice as likely to endure “worse prison experiences … [such as] restraints used against them and being put into segregation”:

“Life if too short for negativity. I forgive them … I feel it comes from a lack of understanding”:

Iran rejects Macron’s suggestion that there are loopholes in the agreement and rules out negotiations over its presence in Iraq and Syria noting both states invited then in:

Arresting independent preachers is not a promising start for social liberalization nor is renting out two hotels for  the royal family on a visit to Moscow for balancing the budget:

Over 300 Somalis, over 3,000 Burmese Muslims, plus death in Yemen, Syria, etc., don’t get “the attention that is often given to deaths due to terror activities in Western” capitals:

“The speed with which Iraqi forces reached the centre of Kirkuk has led the two main armed Kurdish parties to accuse each other of ‘betrayal'”:

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