News and Analysis (10/23/17)

The State Department’s warning is reminiscent of how the U.S. eventually admitted that chemical weapons use it falsely attributed to Iran was actually the work of Saddam Hussein:

Trump says his policy is to kill terrorists, but “since the Taliban kicked off their spring offensive … [i]nsurgents disguised as soldiers took the lives of up to 250 recruits“:

Muslim women say, “Men dictating or debating how women should, can or cannot dress can be viewed as oppressive… there is no compulsion in religion, according to Islam” …

… in agreement with feminists who say, “Telling a woman how to dress—whether she’s wearing a bikini or a burqa—is the opposite of feminism”:

“Islam does not allow them (ulemas) to issue any order or impose their views on anyone in religious matters….They have no authority to ‘bedakhal’ (oust) anyone from Islam”:

Prevented “from boarding an Emirates flight to the U.S., despite having a visa and an official invitation to a conference from … the chairman of the U.S joint chiefs of staff”:

“Texas banned any contractor who supports the BDS campaign from receiving state funds”:

“[P]rayer services for the victims of the Mogadishu bombing were held at more than 20 mosques across the U.S. and Canada”:

“As long as reconciliation deals only with humanitarian and environmental problems … it can succeed. But the moment it addresses major security and political matters, it will fail” …

… “Peace has been out of reach, because of the continued occupation that the Israeli leaders say is there to stay…. Will Palestinian unity change any of that?”

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