News and Analysis (10/29/17)

While Saudi Arabia grants a robot “more rights than many humans in the country” …

… Israel looks to cement its “definition as a state that belongs not to its citizens – as is the case in a liberal democracy – but to all Jews around the world, including those with no connection”:

Israel provides arms and Israeli companies “have even trained Myanmar’s special forces in Rakhine state where most of the violence against the Rohingya has taken place”:

Like theor elders “Muslim Millennials are more likely (21%) than Christian Millennials (7%) to express a preference for neither major U.S. political party”:

“[H]e hadn’t chosen Christianity … [or] the name Cassius Clay.” If he didn’t “have to keep those vestiges of slavery[, then] … what else could he change?”

The irony of a man dismissed form the Alabama  Supreme Court for trying to impose his religion on others falsely accusing Islam of the same thing:

“Officers arrested Beckham and found the bloody knife. While in the squad car police said Beckham vowed to go back and kill the family when he gets out of jail”:

Charging the suit is an infringement  of his right to criticize government actions, the builder demands the county “allow the innocent home buyers to move into their homes”:

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