News and Analysis (11/2/17)

“Contrary to an oft-propagated myth, the land was not devoid of people. In 1920 the Jewish population in Mandatory Palestine stood at only 11%; their land ownership was less than 7% by 1947″:

Police say a New York truck attack suspect followed Islamic State plans; many Muslim neighbors “say [Saipov] had been seen in the area, but was otherwise not well known to the Muslim community” …

… and “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced after the Oct. 31 truck attack in Manhattan that the killing spree … ‘did not instill terror’ among New Yorkers”; the Halloween was not cancelled:

“Saipov … appears to be one of ‘a forgotten generation’ of Uzbek men who left the former Soviet republic for a better life bereft of a proper religious education and unequipped to navigate the West”:

“[T]hey will be seated in the so-called family section, [a gender-integrated] area separate from the male-only crowd”:

Bi raised the issue a day after another teacher told children who asked if they should be watching a video with a warning that it “was unsuitable for children” to be quiet … and was dismissed just over an hour later”:

“The Sunni militant group may have lost 90 percent of its land, but many experts say that this territorial defeat will not mark the end of ISIS”:






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