News and Analysis (11/7/17)

Does Hariri’s resignation signal that the Trump administration has pressured the Saudis to spoil Lebanon’s “compromise with Hezbollah … which over the past 12 months has brought some rare stability to Lebanon?

The Revolutionary Guard “often benefited financially from the sanctions regime” and since the nuclear agreement have made arrests perceived to undermine both Rouhani and any improvement in relations with the West:

“In Russia’s prisons one Muslim prisoner of conscience has recently been tortured, and Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses have both been denied literature”:

Dialogue is like “dating … on the first date, you dress up and are on your best behavior. [You initially] … focus on commonalities…. But … as trust develops, [you] can begin to speak more authentically to one another”:

“When a bearded man with a foreign-sounding name allegedly says ‘Allahu Akbar‘ before killing 8 people, … [it’s called] terrorism. But [not] when a white man shoots over 500 people”:

A “new court ruling is opening the door for legal practice of previously illegal faiths”:

“I got clear indications that the intention is to keep the United States compliant with the agreement” — EU Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini:






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