News and Analysis (11/9/17)

A ten year sentence for violating general orders, drunk and disorderly conduct, making false statements and abuse that led to a suicide:

“France became the first Western country to indicate that Saudi Arabia was holding Mr. Hariri against his will, saying it wished for him to have “all his freedom of movement and be fully able to play the essential role that is his in Lebanon”:

After the 9/11 terror attacks, “Grammy-winning songwriter and Muslim activist Ani Zonneveld … came to the conclusion that … [much] of what were taught to us completely contradict what the Koran says”:

The “dispute … reflects nationwide problems with mosque shortages”:

“Christians and Muslims believe that freedom of conscience and religion are the most important human rights and, ‘therefore, our collective duty demands that we respect, preserve and promote such rights’”:

She converted to Islam while serving in the U.S. military and then returned to a country to be denied the rights for which she fought — but she continues to fight for them:

“Muhammad bin Salman is he resembles President Trump” — David Ottoway; “Saudi defense and security in the hands of one individual” – Gerald Feierstein;”One-man rule is always bad” – Jamal Khashoggi:

“[M]any human rights activists and liberal journalists were recently arrested. It is not yet clear what model of governance the crown prince really seeks”:






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