News and Analysis (11/13/17)

“Some senior figures detained in last [week]’s purge in Saudi Arabia were beaten and tortured so badly during their arrest or subsequent interrogations that they required hospital treatment”:

“[A]l-Hariri warned on Sunday Lebanon was at risk of Gulf Arab sanctions … and said he would return to Lebanon within days to affirm he had resigned as the country’s prime minister”:

Teary-eyed after the father’s gesture, [the judge] called for a break.” Later, members of the perpetrator’s and victim’s “families, sobbing, joined the pair for a group hug. The courtroom audience watched, transfixed”:

A New Jersey minister is impressed by young Muslim students at al-Ghazaly High School who respond to hateful comments with education:

“Following their release to freedom though, many hostages like McGowan or Coleman and Boyle retain the religious views they developed while in captivity”:

“The stories of the 2.5 million Muslims who traveled to Europe to fight for the allies during the first world war are finally being told”:

“People would say ‘Oh, it must be hard for you to live in Indonesia [as a Muslim woman],’ and I would reply ‘we may not have Disneyland but we’re fine.’ Indonesia is not that bad, it looks bad only on Twitter”:

The dairy farmer  allegedly “was thrashed and shot dead by a crowd of cow vigilantes when he was transporting four cows to his native village”:

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